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A warm welcome to language business & culture!

My name is Beate D. Pfeiffer. I train and coach people who aim to develop as executives or team members through agile, intelligent and respectful communication in an international environment.

What does lbc offer?

I offer ONLINE or FACE-TO-FACE  sessions.


  • Language Training German and English
  • Learn the target language effectively and in a motivating way


  • Business English and Business German – Communications Training
  • Communicating in virtual teams
  • Presenting,
  • Negotiating……
  • Coaching  Business English and Business German
  • Together we develop  solutions for specific communications goals


  • Intercultural Communications Training and Coaching
  • Raising awareness of one’s own and the partner’s culture (“My values – your values”)
  • Gaining know-how in intercultural communications (“Why aren’t they  answering?”)
  • Leading and working in international teams
  • Introducing newcomers to the German work environment

* All offers for culture in Spanish too.

WHY language  business & culture?

Our ABC is lbc:

a) language – structured and motivating language learning
b)business – language training is communications training for professionals
c) culture – Intelligent intercultural communications are the basis for respectful, trusting and successful cooperation.

How you benefit:
The combination of training in business languages (Business English, Business German) and intercultural training promotes the success of communicating.

Those who know their own culture and the culture of their communication partners can shape communication effectively, respectfully and sustainably.

WHAT exactly do lbc training and coaching consist of?

Content – tailor-made!

The content is tailored to your exact needs.

Methods – resource-oriented!

We all learn differently.  The personal strengths of the learners are the cornerstone of the training or coaching. Methods, working style and exercises are adapted to suit the learners’ needs well.

Online or face-to-face meeting?

lbc is based in Hannover, Germany. The training takes place online or as a face-to-face meeting.

For the online version, you will receive an invitation via Zoom and you are ready to go. Online training offers a high degree of flexibility and can be scheduled between 8 am and 8 pm CET.

Face-to-face meetings are also an attractive option.

How long does a training/coaching session last?

A single training or coaching unit lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The duration of seminars and workshops is according to content and goals.

Money, money, money…

The price depends on what you specify.


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    WHO is the person behind lbc?

    My name is Beate D. Pfeiffer.

    1987graduated as a teacher in secondary education, stays abroad in Great Britain and Spain.
    1990personal assistant to the management,
    entry into adult education
    since 1998business English trainer
    since 2009intercultural trainer and coach for executives and employees from the areas of insurance as well as social service providers and commerce.

    We live in a time of change. People in companies are constantly having to communicate complex content in an international environment. Flexibility, creativity and agility are in demand. The goals are understanding and effective collaboration.

    This succeeds when we communicate in harmony with our professional goals and values. The aim of my work is to boost self-confidence, to convey know-how and to work out solutions with you. This is how you can shape the communication in your work environment in a constructive way.

    I look forward to talking to you.

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    Beate D. Pfeiffer
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    +49 (0) 511 348 1390

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